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Retail Security 1-866-427-3824 All Sensormatic and Checkpoint branded merchandise is Refurbished and carries no warranties from the manufacturer.

UltraMax Labels barcode - sensormatic UltraMax label

***LE labels have become scarce as Sensormatic has transitioned to DR labels. We still get LE labels in on liquidations occasionally but we highly recommend DR labels for quicker shipment times and better detection.

The Sensormatic UltraMax label is the perfect solution for protecting items such as books, boxed items, and anything else you can stick them on. Sensormatic Ultramax labels are often used on cd and dvd packages. White tags with simulated barcode. Sold in quantities of 5000. Refurbished.
Specs: 1.78" x .42" x .074"

System Compatibility: Sensormatic

sultramaxbarcodeRegular price: $249.95Sale price: $244.95

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