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Retail Security 1-866-427-3824 All Sensormatic and Checkpoint branded merchandise is Refurbished and carries no warranties from the manufacturer.

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* 2 QS2000 antennas cover three foot door * 1000 used tags with pins * 2 Used detachers to remove hard tags

Starter Package - complete, three foot door RF security tag system. Includes a refurbished Checkpoint QS2000 dual antenna 3 foot exit security system. 1000 used mini hard tags (RF 8.2) with pins. 2 used chrome magnetic detachers. This system is great for clothing stores. This model Checkpoint security system can be seen in use at many Walgreen's drug stores.

Condition: Antennas and tags are refurbished. Detachers are used.

Compatibility: Checkpoint, 8.2Mhz RF

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Harryg Security is not in any way affiliated with Checkpoint Systems or Sensormatic. HarryG Security is not affiliated with, associated with, or sponsored by Tyco in any way. All sensormait trademarks are owned by Tyco.

We offer sales, service, and installation in all 50 states. We can install your security tag system from Hawaii to Maine and everywhere in between. Professional installation of your retail security system is mandatory with many types of security tag systems. HarryG Security is not in any way affiliated with Sensormatic or Knogo.

Security Tags

Sensormatic Tags - Checkpoint Tags

Call 305-434-8639 for custom retail security tag packages. We can create a Sensormatic tag or Checkpoint tag package that suits your specific retail needs.

Retail security tag news

We buy all types of used retail security tags and equipment. Call for a value on your used EAS equipment. When the store is slow watch your employees. Free time is often filled with pilferage plotting. Keep those hands busy applying security tags and taking inventory. We offer retail security EAS products and loss prevention information. Learn about electronic article surveillance at used security .com newsletter.

Learn about used EAS or Electronic article surveillance equipment info and tips at our retail security tags BLOG. Winter jackets are often used as shoplifting tools so be prepared. Loaded with information about used sensormatic and checkpoint tags, CCTV, HDTV, Loss Prevention, Sensortags, Shoplifting, and myriad other topics. Our loss prevention tag pro's have plenty to say about refurbished retail security equipment.

Track retail security tag and electronic article surveillance packages at Security towers for a retail store are shipped in specially sized boxes. This is true for both Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems manufactured retail security tag detection systems. has the best selection of new and used EAS retail security equipment on the Internet. We have security tags and systems manufactured by Sensormatic, Checkpoint, Alpha, and Knogo. info on Sensormatic and Checkpoint retail security loss prevention systems and Security Tags as well as knogo tag info has been provided by our staff. Custom used sensormatic packages available by phone order.

Used hand detacher tag removers with magnetic and power detacher mechanisms are easily found in the detacher section. reserves the right to sell the tag remover for all retail security detection eas tags including knogo, Alpha, Sensormatic, and Checkpoint Systems to anti theft security tags loss prevention users only. Do not attempt to purchase any item from Harry G security for unintended use. Harry G Security is Retail Security Ethics Compliant. The tag remover for hard tag sensor ink or supertag is included. Shoplifters be wary, we will not ship to non retailers. Retail detacher sales for electronic article surveillance tags independent of security tags are welcome. Alpha security tag detacher keys are also available to retailers only. Proper Sensormatic deactivator use is important. Shoplifting related inventory shrinkage super tag surveillance equipment systems and anti theft shoplifting checkpoint security systems are stocked.

HarryG Security stocks a huge supply of used Sensormatic hard tags. All our used sensormatic tags are stocked with large tag quantities ready to ship. Used Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems retail store security equipment specials include a wide variety of security towers for stores to choose from. Sensormatic tags are guaranteed to be in stock or your shipping can be refunded by request.

Retail Loss Prevention

How a retail loss prevention system works, and the components you will need.

An EAS or Electronic Article Surveillance system consists of three key security system components. The first component is the detection system (1). The detection system (1) is the equipment located at a stores entrance and exit that alarms if a security tag (2) is removed. The detection system can take many forms but is most commonly comprised of two detection antennas on either side of a door. The second components is the security tag (2). The security tag (2) is attached to the item that is to be protected from theft. There are different types of security tags (2) that can be attached to an item by a variety of methods. The two most popular methods of attaching security tags (2) are using a thumbtack like pin connected to a security hard alarm tag or applying a stick-on security label(soft tag) to a smooth flat surface on the item. Soft tags can only be used once while hard tags can be reused and may last for decades. The security tag (2) is neutralized by the third component which can either be a hard tag detacher (3) or a soft tag deactivator (3). A hard tag detacher (3) is the mechanism used to remove the pin from a security hard tag. There are many types of hard tag detachers to correspond with the different types of hard tag. A soft tag deactivator (3) is the machine used to turn off or deactivate a soft tag. The two main categories of deactivator are Checkpoint and Sensormatic, these are names of manufacturers. Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems deactivators and detachers are for the most part not compatible. In summation, a customer will walk in to a store through a pair of security antennas. They will select a tagged item from the sales floor. The customer will bring this item up to the sales counter where the tag will be neutralized by either being removed in the case of the hard tag or turned off in the case of the soft tag. The customer can now leave the store without setting of the detection system alarm.

Less common security tag pictures for tags compatible with the super tag not found at may be found at Used sensormatic and checkpoint security tag systems, and other retail security loss prevention information.

Our ink pin security tags are pins and do not include magnetic backers or Sensormatic hard tags for sensor tag retail security systems. A Branded Checkpoint security tag and Knogo RF tags and Sensormatic AM tags sold by Harryg Security are refurbished or used with a Harryg money back warranty. Hard Electronic Article Surveillance tags are extremely durable and should last for decades. Retail security tag loss prevention security tag buyers are often unable to obtain the supply of used sensormatic security supertag sensortags or checkpoint inventory shrinkage super lock tags they desire. HarryG Security is committed to stocking the items we display in our catalog. All types of super tag removers. Call us with questions 1-866-Hard-Tag.

We have HarryG's warrantied sensormatic deactivators, detachers, posts, Antennas, pedestals, labels, security tags, ultramax, super tag, Acousto Magnetic technology and more. We have HarryG's warrantied checkpoint detacher, soft tag, 8.2 tags, post, label, Quicksilver Dual Antenna, Radio Frequency, deactivator, sticker, pedestal, hard tag, clam tag, mini hard tag, golf tag, used tags, sensor tags and more. All types of security sensortags. We have ink tag pins and ink tags. Cone head, Flat head, security ink tag, White head, grooved and non grooved pin all in stock. Lanyards are available by phone order. ALL Sensormatic Security and Checkpoint Security branded equipment is refurbished or used and includes no services or warranty from the manufacturer. HarryG Security offers a 30 day money-back guaranty on all merchandise sold on line. Sensormatic and checkpoint ink pins are sometimes called security ink tags, but they do not come with backers. Magnetic, gator, and super tag backers can all be purchased by phone order or email

EAS tags or Electronic Article Surveillance tag equipment are essential to prevent shoplifting through effective retail security, loss prevention or anti shoplifting programs. Retail store inventory shrinkage can be greatly reduced by the right anti theft methods. Shoplifting can be held in check with detection systems coordinated with sensormatic or checkpoint deactivation tag systems, using paper labels or stickers as a secondary or primary layer of inventory loss prevention. Contact Harry G Security for a custom retail used Sensormatic package with security detection antenna, Sensormatic Tags and a power detacher. Customized refurbished Sensormatic packages and security packs with 100% Sensormatic branded Security Tags and Detection Systems retail for double and triple the prices of refurbished checkpoint systems from a variety of dealers.

Harryg Security supports the use of retail security ethics and is a strong supporter of the "Retail Security Ethics Compliant" program. We have used Sesnormatic alarm tags for both sensormatic and checkpoint systems. Sensor tags or alarmer tags are universally called "security tags". Detection systems are often called peds, posts, and antennas, all are understood to mean the electronic device that alarms or alerts a shopkeeper when a security tag device or label has been detected.

UltraGator Hard Tags from Sensormatic are much more reliable than Ultra gator security tag knock offs. The Checkpoint Mini Hard Tag is our top selling retail security mini tag that works at 8.2, and it comes with the pins. Mini Tags use a chrome magnetic remover or super lock detacher. The Starter Package with antennas manufactured by Checkpoint systems are a loss prevention classic and offer a way to lower retail loss. Checkpoint 8.2 comp clam mini tags and regular clam tags from Harry G Security use super lock detachers only.Ink tags are included in Sensormatic pack's at the customers request.

Used Security .com is a great place for used sensormatic and checkpoint tag information. Used security tags can save you money, but dealing with different companies will result in varied used security equipment quality. All HarryG Security tags are warrantied unless otherwise noted. Our Used sensormatic tags are stocked with sensormatic pins. Used sensormatic and checkpoint retail security equipment is also warrantied unless noted. Clam tags are now available in both 8.2 RF and Acousto Magnetic technologies. Certain clam tags will work with both Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems EAS retail store security equipment.

Sensormatic detection posts, sensor tags, deactivators, ink pins and ink pin removers are all stocked and ready for shipment. The Supertag from Sensormatic is at the top of the retail loss prevention security pyramid. Other security tags are effective but Super Tags are the most difficult security tag to detach without the proper remover. The super hand detacher has a built in security device that will alert a store owner if a potential shoplifter enters through the security gates with the MK125 detacher. The supertag hand detacher is designed to break if a criminal attempts to remove the embedded security devices. HarryG Security rates this detacher as the best tag remover we currently stock. The design of the sensormatic supertag detachers are more technical than every model security mini hard tag and clam or golf tag, even other sensormatic tags. Sensormatic and Checkpoint systems, as well as knogo security tags utilize magnets but Sensormatic has pioneered the mechanized EAS detacher. All sensormatic tag detachers are warrantied.

A good retail store security product that has endured the test of time is the Sensormatic contact pad. The contact pad is a magnetic deactivator that is simply a flat magnetic strip. A retail store security product that maintains its popularity for as long as the contact pad is usually inexpensive. The contact pad is commonly found in the marketplace for around $85.00. It is not as good of a value as the heavily discounted rapid pad II, but the contact pad does have a nice small size.

Retail Security Tags - Tag info

HarryG Seccurity tags provide made to order store anti theft retail security. We proudly sell brand new EAS systems manufactured by Ketec. The Ketec systems we sell are 8.2 MHz, and work with 8.2 checkpoint tags. Bundle packages help you prevent shoplifting by acquiring security tags and deactivators at discount pricing. UltraGator Hard Sensormatic Tags are used with the Ultra Max security tag detection post systems. Harryg Security has a huge stock of security ultra gator tags. When it comes to the various Checkpoint compatible tags we recommend flat head or ink pins for use with the Mini checkpoint Hard Tag and an 8.2 System Detector. Mini Security sensortags refer to the size of the hard tag. Paper stickers are not reusable once they have been passed over a deactivating pad or their adhesive has worn off. starter Checkpoint packages with receiver and transmitter are the most economical way to enter the EAS arena. Used sensormatic security tag packages and used checkpoint security tag packages for retail security are available by phone or email request. We constantly update our supply of fake EAS retail security systems. Call 1-866-Hard-Tag for security tag specials and EAS packages. Or email retail security questions to loss prevention specialists and eas dealers.

CCTV is an important aspect of retail security. EAS and CCTV can be combined to make a more complete electronic article surveillance loop. CCTV in HDTV is the cutting edge of the industry. High resolution CCTV equipment being broadcast in High definition over the internet is the future of retail security. Public view CCTV monitors are commonly used in major retail chains. HDTV allows for greater comprehension for the viewer. Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems both sell their own line of CCTV equipment and EAS Tags.

Used Sensor ink pin tags can be used with magnetic clutch and gator backers, the tag remover needed corresponds with the backer. In the starter pack, we package the Sensormatic ultra post antenna gates with ultra max tags, and a rapid pad or Sensormatic power pad. Read about inventory shrinkage and other retail loss prevention issues.

Deactivateable Ultramax Sensormatic Labels are used in many of the worlds most successful retail chains including The Home Depot, Walmart, Macy's, and Best Buy. Deactivator choices should be made based on the specific needs of an individual store not on a retail chain wide basis. For mounting under the counter use a low profile pad pro (14 inch detection bubble). For sheer value use the rapid pad II flush mount (2 inch detection bubble). For all around reliability the counter top Powerpad Pro (8 inch detection bubble). The power pad deactivator is very popular and beeps when it senses an ultra max hard or soft tag.

HarryG Security Tags

Harryg Security has sold a QS dual antenna system with used Checkpoint mini sensortags to stores in almost every state in the union. Sensormatic Door max systems available by special order. The Sensormatic doormax can be seen in many of the worlds finest retailers including Payless Shoes. Doormax is a stylish and discrete system that can cover a 6 foot wide doorway and is in high demand. Harryg Security maintains a large supply of sensormatic doormax systems for those customers who must have the system due to the special needs of a shopping mall and those customers who simply want the cutting edge system at used prices. We do not have it in our catalog so we can maintain a stock for those who particularly want the system and request it by phone or email shipping and install are available.

We sell the knogo satellite which was one of the first tags to use a cone pin. We suggest you continue to use a cone pin for all our Knogo tags. Ultramax Labels made by Sensormatic are listed as refurbished because Harryg Security is not the original purchaser from sensormatic, all labels are 100% HarryG's Warrantied. The Ultra max sticker can be turned off with rapid pad II Deactivators. We have the lowest price in the world on large quantity rapid pad orders.

There are many refurbished Checkpoint dual antenna systems to choose from. The QS2000 can cover a three foot door. The QS4000 can cover a four foot door. The checkpoint strata dual antenna system can cover a six foot wide aisle with 3 feet to spare on the perimeter. The Checkpoint Liberty PX system can cover the same range as the strata system. The Checkpoint Liberty QX system can cover the same range as the QS2000 system. Brand new EAS retail security systems are available for three foot and four foot entrances with the use of hard alarm tags.
The Dual Checkpoint Antenna Systems we offer are refurbished and are comprised of the different types of security tag detector system we have in stock. Tags are 8.2 for these retail security systems. Ink pins, ink tags, and variety inks are manufactured by many different companies including Sensormatic and Checkpoint Systems EAS manufacturers. We have ink pins and ink tags that work with a Sensormatic tag and ink pins that work with checkpoint tags. Check point SecurityTags deactivation is easily accomplished with a counter point device. Loss Prevention pros say used checkpoint security counterpoint systems or pre-owned Sensormatic anti-theft rapid pad II deactivation equipment are the most cost efficient way to stay ahead of shoplifters. Call for security package deals on all our used tag brands.

HarryG Security is in know way affiliated with Sensormatic Electronics Corp. Alpha High Theft Solutions is a division of Checkpoint Systems , Inc. HarryG Security is in no way affiliated with Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

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All of our Branded Sensormatic and Checkpoint tags are refurbished. Harryg Security is not in any way affiliated with Sensormatic or Checkpoint Systems. We have many used sensormatic security tag products. Used mini hard tags are available in quantity at a discount price. Flush mount supertag detachers also available by phone order. Our hard sensortags last for years. Certain sensor tags last for decades. We adjust our security tag and eas equipment availability status constantly. All used retail loss prevention items, used retail sensormatic sensor tags, and used checkpoint or Knogo tags available during our retail store Autumn merchandise protection super security tag sale. The holiday season brings out the shoplifters. As with all shoplifters of the world, those who steal seasonal goods are often difficult to detect. Used retail security tags are available by phone order or buy direct order on the web (Sensormatic, Checkpoint Systems, Knogo and more).

HarryG Security .com has hundreds of products that are not shown in our retail store security equipment catalog. If you do not see what you want please email us at or call us 1-866-Hard-Tag. We are Proud to be located in the USA. Headquartered in Cape Coral, Fl, US. Last Updated July 5, 2016.